Mission Statement

The value of education cannot be measured in dollars and neither should it be restricted according to means. Free Queen’s is a volunteer campus and community initiative with two aims:

  1. to make the human and intellectual resources of Queen’s more widely available to members of the Kingston community
  2. to enrich the communities of Kingston and Queen’s through dialogue and mutual exchange.

To achieve its aims Free Queen’s will develop and offer FREE, NON-CREDIT courses that are taught by volunteer instructors from the university and the Kingston community. Courses combine academic and experiential approaches to learning, and focus on areas of study that are often marginalized in mainstream society and formal curricula. Courses are open to all adults in the Kingston and area community interested in expanding their intellectual horizons in an environment that is accessible, cooperative and respectful.

Guiding Values

The approach to teaching and learning in Free Queen’s courses is shaped by interests in:

  • Defining educational practice as the freedom to learn, through and with others.
  • Offering accessible learning opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere, where the joy of learning is experienced at a relaxed, unhurried, human pace.
  • Sharing Queen’s resources with the community while emphasizing mutuality: the Queen’s and Kingston communities can be enriched through enhanced interaction and dialogue.
  • Empowering individuals and communities to participate in education for life, throughout life.
  • Recognizing that real growth challenges individuals and communities to unlearn as well as learn, and that a climate of support, openness and wonder fosters human creativity.
  • Volunteerism: Course instructors with expertise and experience in particular areas of study donate their time.


Some of the outcomes we hope to achieve include:

  • Opportunities for learning for all members of the community.
  • Cross-community interactions (i.e., enhanced communication among members of different communities).
  • Renewed pleasure in learning and interest in educational pursuits.
  • Transformative learning, leading potentially to social action and social justice.
  • A renewed sense of citizenship in members of the Queen’s and Kingston communities.
  • Community development through education.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sheron Ward Says:

    I am interested in receiving information about the free course offered for the fall of 2008. Please email me when this information is available.
    Thank you.

  2. Maggie Ohtake Says:

    Are there plans for a Free Queen’s course this Fall, 2008? I certainly hope so – they are always so enjoyable. It’s now into October so I am sending an inquiry.

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