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Free Queen’s Feedback

September 19, 2006

Due to the popularity of Free Queen’s, our classes fill up quickly. In fact, our current course, “Planning the Urban Environment: The Case of Kingston,” was full within hours of sending out a message to our email list, and we have a significant waiting list.

We appreciate your feedback. Due to the numerous emails and phone calls from disappointed people who did not get into the class, we felt it was important to respond. We are considering a number of different ways to accommodate this period of growth, including expanding the class size, offering more courses, supplementing the courses with online learning opportunities, using a lottery system for enrollment, and so on. We want to hear YOUR thoughts and encourage you to fill out our quick on-line survey: Survey no longer available.

If you wish to join the Free Queen’s committee, please contact us! We will only be able to expand Free Queen’s course offerings if we have more volunteers. As you probably know, Free Queen’s is not an official offering of Queen’s University. These courses are organized by a small committee of individuals, they are free to the public, and are taught by volunteers. We have no fixed income sources. Our costs are covered by grants that the committee applies for periodically. Currently, most of our committee members work or study at Queen’s, but we encourage anyone to join us.

Update: Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey – we appreciate your feedback. As of December 3rd, 2006 the survey is no longer online.