Fall 2005

The Unaverted Gaze: Film as a Social Tool

A series of 10 lectures by Queen’s film professors and local and visiting filmmakers/activists discuss how film and video can capture complex social issues and inspire action.

  • Hogtown: The Politics of Policing
  • Subjects with Cameras
  • The Struggles of Indignenous Women in the North and the South for Equality and the Challenges for Solidarity
  • Experimental Film and Video as Activism
  • How activist films can generate grassroots distribution networks
  • Listening to People’s Voice
  • The Film Industry vs. DIY
  • Documentary as Political Activism in Conflict Zones

This course ran Monday evenings 6:30-9:00 pm, September 19th- November 21, 2005. A thank you to the instructors: Min Sook Lee, Clarke Mackey, Pam Cross, Audrey Huntley, Emma Beltran, Barbara Williams, Gary Kibbins, Anita Krajnc, Emily Goldin, Peter Baxter, Lenny Epstein, Dorit Naaman .


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